Top 6 Aptoide Alternatives & Similar Software for Android – Playstore Alternatives

Aptoide is an open source android app market. It helps developers to offer their apps through their own application market. It is not like the usual Google Play Store; it has an exclusive and central store and each user can organize their store. In this app, the stores can be accessed openly. Aptoide is the primary Android independent marketplace comprising of numerous apps. If you are not able to download this, here are some of the best Aptoide alternatives.

Aptoide Alternatives & Similar Software for Android


The F-Droid repository is easily installable with a variety of open and free source apps for Android. In F-Droid, it is easy to surf and install apps on the device, and the updates tracked can be maintained. In the default repository, all applications are free and open source apps. The repository consists of various types of apps. You can either install the F-Droid tool on your Android device or proceed to download APK straight from the repository.

Amazon App Store

It is a platform to purchase and download apps for android device. Every day you can avail a paid app for free and get to know the app recommendations against your previous purchases. Also, you can test apps on a replicated Android phone using a feature called ‘Test Drive’. Access the app store directly from your tablet or phone or computer’s web browser.

Install the Amazon App store on your device to buy apps from the Amazon app store. You also need to have an Amazon account system with either bank or credit card information.  Each paid app purchased gets charged to the card related to your account automatically and you will be given a receipt for each app purchase. Due to certain limitations related to third party apps and also because AT&T phones do not support Amazon App Store, it is only available for US customers.


Mevvy is today’s trendy app store. It is a mixture of amazing apps, software, web utilities and productive websites. All utilities can be selected manually, inspected and endorsed. This platform enables you to search apps and utilities, search by keyword or browse categories for all your devices – all under one roof.

1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is one of the freshly introduced app portals where the unwavering downloads of games and apps is possible. This app enables you to download an outstanding accumulation of games and apps and the grasping of the games and apps is apparently the coolest one.


SlideMe is also an amazing platform for Android users. It comes with outstanding games and free apps from the most famous groups. It offers both premium and free apps and rather focuses on the public who strongly view and rate apps in order to give accessibility to the best apps.


AppBrain is a website, which is really worth than any other app store existing in the android market. Users can find the best android apps through search, categories and rankings. They can install and manage apps straight from the web browser easily. You can share the apps installed on your phone with friends. Apps can be easily synced with native android app.

Hope this article has given you enough information about the best alternatives to Aptoide.